Ever wanted to work from your car, specifically your Tesla Model Y? If so, check out my Tesla Model Y remote office set up that allows me to work inside of my Model Y any where I chose!

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My Remote Tesla Model Y Office

With Remote and hybrid work on the rise, we’ve never had so much freedom in where we choose to work.

And in the past, we’ve typically only worked on our patios or in our local coffee shops, but now, people are opting to work from all kinds of locations, including their Airbnbs and their RVs.

Along those same lines, here’s one additional remote working location that we can add to that list — the cabin of my Tesla Model Y.

Teslas, and the Model Ys in particular, have gained a lot popularity over the years as one of the most versatile compact SUVs out there. You often see people camping in them, cooking in them, and even living in them full time.

And as a working professional, I’m sometimes on the road and I’ve often wanted the ability to create a space where I can quickly take a call or put together a brief presentation — a place that can replicate the productivity I experience in my home office, anywhere I go. And as a result, my compact Model Y remote office was born.

A) Fold-Out Laptop Desk

Fold out desk set up
Fold Out Desk Angle 1

The first thing I set up, was a firm & flat desk space for me to fit my laptop on top of. This fold-out portable desk from EVFitUS was the perfect solution for this — and it provides a full 30.3 inches of horizontal space and 15.3 inches of vertical space making it just big enough to accommodate my 14 inch laptop and mouse.

Fold Out Desk Right Side
Fold Out Desk Angle 2

The material here is pretty thick/solid feeling and it’s sturdy enough for you to rest your arms on it. Also, unlike some of the other flimsy steering wheel trays you see from other manufacturers, the foundation of this desk is supported on both right & left edges — as it spans and sits across the door arm rest and the middle console area. It provides a level of stability that the some other types of steering wheel trays just can’t match. And as an added bonus, when you’re not working, it can even double as a dining table.

B) Microsoft Arc Mouse

Arc Mouse Front Shot
Microsoft Arc Mouse

And now that I have a desk here, I’ve found that having a Bluetooth mouse goes a long way in boosting my productivity. So my mouse of choice, is this Microsoft Bluetooth Arc Mouse — which you can get in one of 7 color choices on Amazon.

Arc Mouse Bottom
Underside of Arc Mouse

This mouse is the perfect travel accessories because it’s sleek, lightweight and has a battery life of over 6 months. When you want to use it, you simply snap the mouse into it’s arc shape and it molds into this ergonomic structure that fits perfectly into your palm, and when you’re done, simply snap it flat to turn it off and preserve battery power.

Curved Arc Mouse
Arc Shape of Mouse

The top layer is touch enabled, and it also has intuitive interactions built in, which let’s you scroll both vertically and horizontally for easier, more natural navigation. Additionally, it provides precise tracking, with optimized left and right button clicks. It operates with Windows PCs, Macs, iPads and even Android tablets — so no matter what system you’re using, it should be fully compatible.

C) TOZO Bluetooth Earbuds

Earbuds in case
TOZO T10 Earbuds

The next element that is crucial for working remotely in your Tesla — is having clear audio. 

When you’re on the go — it’s sometimes hard to find a quiet place to park. Especially if you travel near downtown in most major cities, it’s not uncommon to see a lot of construction or public events happening around you.

Buds close up
Earbuds Close Up

So having a pair of Bluetooth earbuds like this TOZO T10 will help you drown out some of the external commotion of your environment and help you concentrate on the call or work you have in front of you. Featuring advanced Bluetooth 5.3 technology, these earbuds feature instant, one-touch pairing, a constant steady & stable connection and they’re also rated IPX8 — with an inner nano-coating that makes them water-resistant for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter.

Buds in water
Earbuds In Water

And while these TOZO earbuds typical run about 10 hours on a single charge, they also come with a carrying case that serves as a battery pack that provides up to four full cycles of charge for your earbuds.

And lastly, not only does it provide true deep stereo sound quality for you, but it also helps with audio on the other side of your virtual meetings as well — since it comes with a built in dedicated microphone to give you crisper voice capture in your feed.

D) Vion Roof Sunshades

Vion Sunshades
Vion Roof Sunshades (2 Large Panels, 2 Small Triangle Corners)

The next element in my Tesla remote office are these Vion Roof Sunshades.

These premium sunshades serve 2 important functions in my Tesla office — temperature control and lighting control. Especially when I need to take a virtual meeting — I really want to be able to control the ambient lighting that enters into the vehicle. And when I have these shades up, any surrounding light that would typically have shined through the glass roof of the Model Y is significantly filtered and it helps prevent the highlights from blowing out in my camera image when I’m in a virtual call.

Installed Sunroof shade
Looks Really Clean On The Roof Of My Model Y

Also, the color, fit and finish of the sunshades helps to provide a nice seamless cover in my backdrop, to contribute to a more professional looking scene.

Additionally, these sunshades are built in a cooling & insulating dual-material design — which offers a UPF 50+ UV blocking rate of 95% and 8 times the heat insulation effect of other single-layer roof covers that might be out in the market.

What all that means, is that in the summer, I should get less of the cabin overheating notifications when I park the Model Y outside in the sun and in the winter, when I run the heater with these shades installed, the heat in the cabin should dissipate a bit slower than if I didn’t have these on — keeping my cabin warm and toasty longer than before.

Installation is a breeze with the included sturdy plastic clips and it fits snugly into the Tesla Model Y or Model 3 roof with no visible sagging/hanging in the middle.

(One last thing about these sunshades — these were sent to me by Vion, for free, to check out, but they have never had any creative input on any of my content, including this article.)

E) Ring Lighting Kit

Standing Ring Light Kit
Ring Light

Next, it’s important to have some assisted lighting to illuminate myself in my video calls.

This Ring Lighting Kit from ACMEZING comes with the central ring light itself and 2 methods of mounting — a stable clamp or flexible tripod mount.

Now, the clamp included here is nothing special — just a standard clip with a 3/8″ male thread head — but the flexible tripod actually makes this light pretty versatile.

Light Hang From Steering Wheel
Ring Light On My Steering Wheel

It allows me to set the light on my dash or even wrap it around my steering wheel and angle it to the precise position that I want.

And not only can I adjust the brightness of this light, but it also has 5 color settings, ranging from 3200k to 6500k in color temperature: Warm warm, Warm white, Natural white, Daylight & Cold white.

F) 150W Car Inverter

Inverter Top View
Inverter Top View

To power & sustain all of this portable office gear, I use this FOVAL 150W Car Inverter.

If you look under your center console, your Model Y should have a 12Volt lighter outlet — which is what I use to start up the power inverter.

Inverter Front View 2
Inverter Front View

This inverter comes with a standard outlet plug and and 2 usb ports — which is plenty to power up my laptop and my ring light. Aside from that, most other accessories that I might have can easily be powered from the ports on the PC.

What I really love about this inverter is that it is really small — it’s just about the length of a credit card, and less than an inch and a half thick. But it’s still powerful — the 2 USB ports can charge a phone and tablet simultaneously and the outlet plug charges my PC just as fast as it would from a wall outlet at home. It also has safety measures, like a built-in fuse to impede overload or short circuit faults — and also a stable charging design that provides protection against overcharging or overheating of your devices.

DB Working in car
Working In My Remote Tesla Office

And there you go, this is how I built my remote Tesla Office, in my Model Y.

DB Tesla Model Y Setup
Inside of My Model Y Remote Office

For quick reference, here again are the items (links) I featured in my set up.

Hope you enjoyed this remote Tesla office break-down. For more Tesla related content, be sure to check out danielsbrew.com.

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