Looking to land an internship this summer? Here are 25 sought after internships that’ll provide you real world experience and key networking connections.

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Finding the right internship can certainly jump start your career.

In addition to supplying real world experience and networking connections within the company, internships also provide the following benefits.

A) Introduction to office culture & best practices

If you’ve never had an internship before, your first one will be immensely educational – as it’ll give you a crash course on how you are supposed to interact and collaborate within your organization. You’ll learn major things like how to give a presentation, how to research, how files and artifacts are organized and how to share ideas within a corporate setting. And you’ll also learn some of the more rudimentary, yet essential skills like, how to manage your inbox, best practices on setting up meetings, how to open up a PO (purchase order), etc.

B) Understanding of corporate structure/functions/orgs

Companies (especially large ones) have a very matrixed structure of teams, functions and organizations that all interact fluidly with each other to make the “engine” of the company run. And one of the more complicated things to learn for anyone new that joins a company, is the matrixed org structure and how it all operates together. You’ll learn which teams do what and why they do it the way they do it – as well as which types of teams need to be consulted and signed-off on in order for any large decisions to be made. The understanding of an org structure is often an understated, yet crucial part of being successful in a company – and as an intern, you’ll get this learning first hand.

C) Potential opportunity for a full time role

Many companies (especially in large tech) have intern-to-hire programs that offer successful interns an opportunity to join the organization they worked for. Speaking from real world experience, as a hiring manager, I’ve brought on a few undergrad and graduate interns for full-time roles on my teams, and they’ve all turned out to be great hires.

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So, having said all of this, here is a list of 25 tech (mostly) internships that should provide all of the experiences/learnings we discussed above.

  1. Microsoft Aspire: https://careers.microsoft.com/v2/global/en/recentgraduate
  2. Amazon Internships: https://www.amazon.jobs/en/teams/internships-for-students
  3. Build Your Future With Google: https://buildyourfuture.withgoogle.com/internships
  4. Meta Career Programs: https://www.metacareers.com/careerprograms/pathways/metauniversity
  5. Nike Internships: https://jobs.nike.com/internships
  6. Dell Internships: https://jobs.dell.com/internships
  7. Apple Student Program: https://www.apple.com/careers/us/students.html
  8. Netflix Internships: https://jobs.netflix.com/intern-program
  9. Futureforce Internship (Salesforce): https://www.salesforce.com/company/careers/university-recruiting/summer-internship/
  10. Adobe Internships: https://www.adobe.com/careers/university/internships.html
  11. Walmart Internships: https://careers.walmart.com/undergraduate-internships
  12. T-Mobile Internships: https://careers.t-mobile.com/meet-our-teams/students-grads-and-returners/internships-2/
  13. AT&T Internships: https://www.att.jobs/students
  14. Verizon Internships: https://mycareer.verizon.com/life-at-verizon/students-internships/
  15. Starbucks Internships: https://www.starbucks.com/careers/find-a-job/internships/
  16. Samsung: https://www.samsung.com/us/careers/internships/
  17. Intel: https://jobs.intel.com/en/internships
  18. Oracle: https://www.oracle.com/careers/students-grads/
  19. Sony: https://www.sonyjobs.com/internships.html
  20. NVIDIA: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/about-nvidia/careers/university-recruiting/
  21. LinkedIn: https://careers.linkedin.com/pathways-programs/internships
  22. Airbnb: https://www.airbnb.com/careers/students
  23. Tesla: https://www.tesla.com/careers/students
  24. Lyft: https://www.lyft.com/careers/university
  25. Electronic Arts: https://www.ea.com/careers/students

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